Importance of Panchakarma

Importance of Panchakarma

Importance of PanchakarmaWe all boom in a fast-paced environment. The air we breathe, the food we eat & the water we drink is contaminated. Due to vast exposure to toxins, our body always needs repair & purification. The health inconsistencies arising out of these morbid living entices many diseases in the long run. Purification doesn’t mean mere warm water bath or sanitizing. What about our internal organs, do they deserve to be cleaned once in a while? Have you ever thought of purifying your body? Well, then it’s the right time to think about it. So how can you accomplish this more healthily? The solution is simple when Ayurveda is at your rescue. 

Ayurveda has the best remedy to ward off all body toxins easily. It has a complementary holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. It is gaining global attention due to its inimitable healing properties. It is very exciting that the modality of Panchakarma offers many choices. As the name suggests, it is the conglomeration of 5 purificatory therapies chosen according to the constitution, metabolic capacity & the health status of an individual. Hence, the importance, as well as the benefits, are far more than anticipated. When the disease progresses to a chronic stage, the body then requires a total purification to arrest the disease progression. Also, timely detoxification can preserve health as well as promote longevity. This can prevent the onset of diseases in the future. 

Collectively the 5 therapies or panchakarma are rejuvenating, curative & preventive if done properly. It also has a remarkable impact on our body & mind. Unhealthy lifestyle, stress & pollutants alter the body & reflect in the form of diseases. The causes of ailments sometimes remain hidden, as the accumulated toxins are the ultimate culprits.

Wonders of panchakarma

Improves the immunity of the body. Infections are common nowadays, bacterial, viral & protozoan, once you follow the Ayurveda lifestyle the daily routine & seasonal routine which includes purificatory therapy, you can defend against any type of external infection.

The brilliance of the panchakarma is seen where contemporary therapies fail to heal major complex ailments. This is where natural detoxification attains great attention as well as an implication. 

Purifies the body completely, it is not just about a particular organ or organ system.

Boosts body metabolism, balances the tridoshas & reduces weight naturally

The panchakarma therapies help to eliminate the excess fat, body fluids, circulatory wastes. This lightens the body & imparts strength.

Clears the blocked channels of the body

It relieves stress & anxiety

Tissue & cell rejuvenation

It provides clarity to sense organs. It improves vision & tones the skin

It reverses the degenerative process in the body & imparts longevity

It enhances new cell production & slows down the aging process.

Enhances the digestive capacity. It is observed that in most cases after panchakarma, the appetite & taste are improved. It improves nutrient absorption & nourishes the entire body. 

Naturally eliminates toxins. In most cases, the accumulated toxins give rise to bodily ailments. So, by the detoxification process, so many diseases can be prevented. The toxins or the metabolic waste that are accumulated are expelled completely. It helps to improve the overall health & wellbeing.

Decreases the addiction-related complications & controls drug dependence.

For an effective panchakarma treatment, it is necessary to consult an expert Ayurveda doctor & get the treatment accordingly. It should be done under strict medical supervision. 

Some information for you in a nutshell

What types of diseases can be managed effectively through panchakarma? It balances the Vata, Pitta & Kapha dosha in the body. Usually, it is recommended for all types of systemic illnesses where the dosa vitiation is at its peak. Specifically, it is found very effective in Musculoskeletal, neurological, gynecological, & respiratory problems including sinusitis.

  1. How many days does it require for a panchakarma?

It depends upon the therapy chosen by your doctor. The main procedure is always done after some preparatory procedures which include oleation & fomentation for 3/5/7 days.

  1. Are there any dietary restrictions before & after panchakarma?

A vegetarian diet that is easy to digest is mostly recommended before the process. After the therapies, depending upon the appetite gradually food is taken according to the digestive capacity.

  1. Are the therapies painful?

No, it doesn’t require any sort of physical or mental stress

  1. Who is eligible for panchakarma?

Anyone in the age group of 18 to 70 years can be subjected to the therapies. Also, for disease conditions & deaddiction especially smoking.

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