Hair Problems

Hair Problems and Treatment

Introduction: We most probably need to face problems related to our hair during some period of our life. Cause of these problems may range from very basic reason such as deficiency of vitamins and certain other nutrients required for development of hair;  to the very complex situations related to our underlying health. Problems related to hair can cause individual to feel helpless and lose the confidence as it affects their natural look. Hair problems can be hereditary. Other reasons include stress, bad eating habits, anxiety, unhygienic conditions and environmental pollution, lack of proteins, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, emotional stress, anemia, hyperthyroidism, irregular routine, sudden weight loss, lack of sleep, irregular eating habits, severe illness, etc.

At Heal and Care Ayurveda Clinic, we provide an effective plan so as to improve your daily routine habits.

Hair Problems | Dr.Geetanjali Thokal | Heal & Care Ayurveda Clinic

Diseases: Hair fall, premature hair graying, badness, scalp ringworm, damaged hair, Dandruff etc.

Ayurvedic view: Ayurveda provides extensive and structured methods that concentrate on finding the cause of hair disorders and treating  them accordingly. Ayurvedic treatment helps boost hair growth and make them strong. It also helps in balancing doshas like pitta and vatta which is the main reason behind hair disorders. Simply changing dietary habits can work effectively. So Ayurveda suggests changes in eating habits too. It is a safe and cost effective method to cure hair disorders completely.