This is the most common skin disease that causes red & itchy skin. It is mostly seen in children, but it can be seen in all age groups. It is categorized under chronic illnesses & has exacerbation at periodic intervals. It can either manifest as an independent disease or coexist with allergic rhinitis & asthma. In modern methods of treatment, there is no effective cure for this disease. Only symptomatic relief like reducing itching as well as arresting flare-ups can be done. Ayurvedic treatment for eczema is giving good results along with a permeant cure.


Dryness of skin

Intense itching at night

Red to brown spots in upper chest, knees, elbows, ankle, wrist,

Oozing & scab formation

Flaky, thickened & cracked skin.


According to modern theory, there is a genetic disposition for the disease to occur. In children, it has been found that some allergies to food items can cause eczema.

It can arise before the age of 5 & progress to adulthood. It can have exacerbations in intervals.

Possible complications

Eczema should be managed with proper care. If the case remains untreated it can invite various other systemic complications.

Asthma & hay fever


Allergic contact dermatitis

Skin infections- It can make skin exposed to various types of pathogenic agents.

Sleeping problems- The itching & skin irritation affects the sleep pattern of the individual


Moisturize the skin regularly

Stop harsh soaps

Medicated creams or ointments

Proper skincare is mandatory to avoid any type of skin ailments.


Ayurveda perspective

Ayurveda describes all skin diseases under the name of kushta. Eczema has been described as vicharchika which comes under kshudra kushta. The clinical manifestation is very much similar to Atopic dermatitis or eczema in modern dermatology.


The improper diet & regimen or the wrong food habits, as well as faulty activities, leads to aggravation or vitiation of Kapha dosha. The main causative factor is mandagni. It manifests in the skin & causes the accumulation of doshas or toxins. Consuming fish, curd, excessive salty or sour or spicy foods, high caloric foods, indulging in excess & day sleep, causes vitiation of Vata, pitta & Kapha. All these combine with the vitiated skin, blood & fluid which in turn manifests as skin disease. Skin rashes in the surface areas of the foot, itching, redness, swelling, oozing, cracking, & bleedings are the commonest symptoms.

Ayurvedic treatment for eczema

In Ayurvedic treatment for eczema, there is more than 1 dosha involvement. The treatment has to be done according to the intensity of the dosha vitiation. Shodhana or purificatory therapies are best recommended. Bloodletting is advised in this disease. In other classics like Charaka Samhita, according to dosha predominance, various treatments are advised. For Vata predominance, ghee is recommended, pitta – purgation & bloodletting therapy. For Kapha, emesis therapy using suitable herbs is advised. Leech therapy is also indicated for the pitta dominant type. Through purgation therapy, there will be purification of body channels & cavities. The accumulated toxins are expelled which aids in faster healing.


Eat freshly prepared foods

Maintain good personal hygiene

Use hygienic towels & personal items

Use mild soaps

Take a small shower bath with warm water.

Eat a good protein diet

Drink adequate fluids, moisture in the skin is very necessary to avoid the onset of the disease,



Don’t eat excessive salty or spicy foods

Avoid junk foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol

Avoid hot water baths

Quit smoking

Avoid excessive fatty foods or fried foods.

When to do shaman therapy

In some cases, panchakarma or purificatory therapy is not recommended in weak patients. Here shaman therapy is best recommended according to dosha predominance. Pathya churnam, Durvadi thailam, Panchanimb choornam, Marichadi thailam are the commonest formulations.

Single drugs like Haridra, Nimba, & Amla have been proven to have promising effects in the cure of vicharchika. They are antioxidants, antibacterials & immune tonic.

Long term mix of shodhana , shamana is required in eczema treatment.

It is equally important to follow to-dos & don’ts in eczema treatment. By combining the medicines & pathyaacharana, the disease can be very much controlled. Also, the degree of cure depends upon the vitiation of doshas, the strength of the patient, constitution& the seasons.