Female Health Issues

Female Health Disorder

Introduction: Although women are prone to many of the health issues similar to men, there are some problems that affect women’s health predominantly.

In todays fast moving world, female health disorder are becoming increasingly common due to hectic lifestyle and unhealthy dietary habits. Accumulation of toxic substances within the body results in imbalance of vatta, pitta and kapha resulting into Female health disorders. Though many allopathic medicines are available in market for all the problems, but increased intake of such medication is very harmful to us in long term. Women health disorders are caused by variety of factors. These factors include hormonal imbalance, unhealthy dietary habits, genetics, hectic and inappropriate lifestyle, irregular sleep pattern. These all factors play an important role in affecting a life of an individual women.

Therefore it is necessary that they get the suitable medical attention thus leading to a better life. Female health disorder also led to depression in certain cases. The symptoms of health disorders in females vary from individual to individual along with their intensity. Significant changes in weight, change in appearance of your hair and skin, mood shifts, mental instability, lack of sound sleep, anxiety, depression, etc are some of the symptoms of female health disorders.

Female health disorders | Heal & Care Ayurveda | Dr. Geetanjali Thokal

Diseases: Infertility, PCOS / PCOD, Fibroids, Breast lump, Irregular menses, White discharge, painful menstruation, premenstrual pain, acne, anemia, nausea, graying of hair, etc are some of the examples of women health disorders.

Ayurvedic view: Ayurveda, an ancient science provide effective remedies for treating women health related disorders. It provides remedies for detoxifying the body thereby rejuvenating life. Ayurvedic treatment helps in balancing the hormones and emotions thus preventing and curing female disorders. It also give recommendations related to food intake in order to balance vatta, pitta and kapha. Proper food and proper exercise help in maintaining balance of these tri-doshas. According to ayurveda eating a balanced diet, practising yoga, regular routine, proper sleep and staying active also helps to ease the problems.

It also recommends use of certain useful herbs for curing diseases related to women health. Ayurveda has best healthcare supplements for prenatal, post natal and neo natal care and to ensure reproductive health along with problems related to menopause.